Myschyf. Give it a Shot.

What Is Myschyf?

After one sip it hits you. This is something new. Something you didn’t see coming. Imagine a warm build up, uniquely balanced flavors and a tingle finish. Myschyf is the hemp liqueur.


Looking for Myschyf?

You’ve tried it and now it’s your go-to drink. Or maybe someone told you to give it shot? Could be you simply stumbled on this website, arriving unexpectedly in the land of Myschyf. Either way, we got you.

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We’ll be adding locations soon. Check back to see where you can find Myschyf or sign up below and we’ll send you updates.

Check back to find out about upcoming events or sign up below and we’ll keep you in the know.

Check back to find out about specials or sign up below and we’ll keep you in the know.

Myschyf Makers

Garett and Drew first met when working together at a popular South Florida nightclub.  Beyond love for a great cocktail, hiking and the crazy fun that comes with bartending, they also share a genuine friendship that led them to go into business together when Garett shared an idea for creating a new spirit. Just like a great cocktail, take one part visionary (Drew) add an innovator (Garett) and see what kind of fun you can shake up (Myschyf).

Perfected by Pixies

Drew and Garett think they're the heart and soul behind Myschyf but really we are. That's right. Enchanting ... smoking hot ... badass Pixies. It's all us. One sunny South Florida day, with the help of a little pixie dust we brought them together to work at a popular nightclub. That's when the real fun began. When the time came, we knew these guys would be the perfect match for our enchanted liquid. Pixies love to revel in nature so we got Drew and Garett to go on a hike in our forest. Then came a whisper in the ear and a breeze with an idea. And that's how Myschyf was born.


We’ll keep you posted on the latest and greatest Myschyf news. You can also check out our company profile for an at-a-glance look at who we are.

Media Room

If you have an interview request, questions about Myschyf, or just want to tell us how much you love our liqueur, contact:

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How Do You Reinvent a Classic Bourbon Cocktail? Add a Little Myschyf.

Myschyf In Fashion

The inspiration for this cocktail actually came in the form of a challenge from one of Myschyf owners, Drew Shprintz, who wanted to enjoy the hemp liqueur with bourbon. Challenge accepted!

This time I played off the hemp and pistachio notes of Myschyf with the oak and wood of Jim Beam, blended with some Orange bitters. This cocktail puts a new twist on an Old Fashion. The “In Fashion” is well worth every sip and should be enjoyed when you’re looking for something special.


In Fashion

2 oz Myschyf hemp liqueur
1 oz Jim Beam whiskey
1/2 oz simple syrup
1 dash Orange bitters

Procedure: Combine ingredients in a mixing glass with ice. Stir and strain into a large rocks glass with ice.

Garnish: Orange peel


Rob Husted is the Myschyf Mixer. He has over 22 years behind the bar and is considered by many in the industry as the “bartender’s bartender.”

Craft Confusion

Myschyf Craft Confusion

What is craft? In the cocktail world we immediately think of craft cocktails and a bartender with a funny mustache and vest using obscure ingredients to concoct an artistic expression of his years of learned cocktail knowledge for us to enjoy.

While some of this may be true, it’s not the whole truth. In my opinion craft is simply another word for passionately made. I like to use the analogy of ice. I can make ice cubes in my freezer. I can also take that same common tap water and freeze it to craft a beautiful ice sculpture. In both scenarios we’re using the same products but one without much thought or effort and another with passion.

The same could be said behind the bar. Whether I’m behind a sports bar where beer and single liquor shots are prominent, or a high-end self-proclaimed craft bar where cocktails are priced more then the shirt I’m currently wearing. The same core ingredients are behind each bar… but how I use them determines whether I’m simply making a cocktail or crafting something with passion for you to enjoy.

Now the question enters my mind as I’m looking at the Myschyf bottle next to my computer. What cocktail will I craft next with the first hemp liqueur available in the U.S.?



Rob Husted is the Myschyf Mixer. He has over 22 years behind the bar and is considered by many in the industry as the “bartender’s bartender.”

How About a Little Myschyf in the Garden?

Myschyf in the Garden

The inspiration for this cocktail came about because I was looking for a sort of “garden-to-glass” feel. The coolness of the cucumber liqueur paired great with the earthiness notes of Myschyf.

The pinch of Black Sea salt on the cucumber slice garnish helps give the cocktail color and depth as it evolves with each sip.


Myschyf in the Garden

1 oz Myschyf hemp liqueur
1/2 oz Thatcher’s cucumber liqueur
1/4 oz simple syrup
1/4 oz Finest Call Premium Juice Lemon Sour
Garnish: Cucumber slice and Black Sea salt flakes


Rob Husted is the Myschyf Mixer. He has over 22 years behind the bar and is considered by many in the industry as the “bartender’s bartender.”

Big Shots: The Importance of Shots in Our Drinking Culture

Myschyf with shot glass

Whether you’re at a bar enjoying them, reading recipes about them, or even hearing about different ones in your favorite (and not so favorite) song … shots are everywhere. What’s so special about the phenomena of doing shots?

Since the dawn of bars (or so I’ve read), one of the main attractions of a shot is that it’s a social thing. It’s a way to bond over a shared experience with a stranger, friend, enemy or family member. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, wishing someone good luck, saying hello or maybe goodbye. It’s an opportunity to bond like blood brothers, the same alcohol running through your veins.

A shot offers an easy icebreaker when meeting (or trying to meet) someone for the first time. It helps break that awkward silence while and gives you both liquid courage to have a conversation about what you just shared. It’s an opportunity to better your chances to move on and see what may or may not happen the rest of the night.

A shot can also be a great tool in the dating scene. Imagine having the power to communicate with someone of the opposite sex at the bar by simply having the bartender send them a shot. They’ll either refuse the shot, which means you know where you stand. Or they accept your gesture, opening that door of dialogue you might not have had the courage to do on your own.

We all enjoy shots at different times and for different reasons. What will your next shot be? I know what mine is.


Rob Husted is the Myschyf Mixer. He has over 22 years behind the bar and is considered by many in the industry as the “bartender’s bartender.”

This Is Not Your Grandfather’s Shot

The simple recipe was inspired by the huge popularity of shots as a form of social engagement at bars. Keep in mind, you’ll never go wrong with a straight shot of Myschyf … it’s awesome. We just wanted to create a shot that offers a delicious twist.

The balance of the hemp and nutty flavor from Myschyf paired with butterscotch is ridiculously good. Remember those little hard candies your grandparents might have given you as a child? Now imagine the adult version in a shot.

Like I said, it’s ridiculously good.


Werther’s Original Shot

3/4 oz Myschyf hemp liqueur

3/4 oz butterscotch Schnapps


Rob Husted is the Myschyf Mixer. He has over 22 years behind the bar and is considered by many in the industry as the “bartender’s bartender.”

Why I Like Myschyf

Why I Like Myschyf

So I’ve been asked the question “Why do you like Myschyf?”  I guess it goes back to when I first met with Garett and Drew [brand creator/owners] brought me in the office to discuss me potentially coming on board with their new passion. At the time, I didn’t know much about it … let alone the name. But Garett is a long time friend whom I respect and figured if he was passionate about something, it was worth looking into.

After the initial pitch, I stopped them and said, “Before we move any further, let me taste it. If I don’t like it then we have nothing left to discuss.” The room went silent for a minute. Then Garett got up and returned with a shaker tin of ice and some shot glasses. He poured in the mystery product into a shaker tin, shook, and strained it into our three awaiting shot glasses for us to all taste together.

The color was a nice opaque green that hypnotized me. I wanted to learn more. I brought it up to my nose and the aroma was intriguing. I closed my eyes and took an initial sip to warm up my pallet, then a second later finished the shot. I remember thinking at first, “What is that?” I got an initial taste of hemp, followed by a pistachio flavor with a surprising tingle at the finish.

I immediately asked for another one … this time neat. (Room temperature for all of my non-bartender friends out there.) This time the aroma was more pronounced and the taste had more depth. I then realized this is great as a shot and the potential mixabilty started giving me ideas for cocktails from that second sip.

I exclaimed, “Good news, I like it!”  As we started talking more about the product the more I was impressed with their ideas, marketing plan and, more importantly, their passion. At the end of the meeting we came to an agreement on how we could work together on this new challenge.

The final piece was seeing the finished product in the bottle and learning the name at the same time. Myschyf. Seeing that got me excited and confident knowing I made the right decision aligning with this company and sharing a mutual passion. Now having the final product in my hands, I’m happy to say I’m enjoying playing with the first-to-market hemp liqueur. It’s great as a shot with a unique mixabilty not seen before.

I’m excited to share my recipes (coming soon) and even more excited to see how you enjoy drinking Myschyf.


Rob Husted is the Myschyf Mixer. He has over 22 years behind the bar and is considered by many in the industry as the “bartender’s bartender.”